Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.

Hey there! So just in case you haven't notice on my profile picture I have red hair.  However my natural hair color is light brown.  The reason why I am explaining this to you is so that I can give you some advice on how to dye your hair red without bleaching it first.

Even thought my hair is lighter than most brunettes I did have to use a special dye for dark hair. I dyed my hair today again cause I had to cover up my roots.  I used L'oréal HiColor HiLights in Magenta, which you've probably heard of. As the name says so itself, it is for highlights but I could'nt care less since my hair did not get damaged. You'll need a developer (2.5 ounces per box), I use the Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 volume Creme Developer. You can get both products at Sally's, just go to the links, it is very cheap.

How I take care of my hair:

Things you might wanna know:

  • I dye my hair every month and a half
  • After 3 weeks the dye will start to fade and it might get a little orange looking
  • I wash my hair pretty much every day but I don't use a whole lot of shampoo 
  • The foam from the shampoo you use might speed up the color fading, so try to about that
  • Having red hair is a commitment cause the only way you're getting rid of it is by dying your hair in a darker color, probably black or it just won't go away (I swear)
  • It is very hard for me to get dressed in the morning because with red hair you don't get to wear a whole lot of bright colors, specially a bunch of red.  If you do you'll probably look bipolar or something (Not that I have anything against a bipolar disorder)
  • If you have really long hair you'll need two boxes in order to dye your hair, other wise it might look uneven

Anyways, Do you dye your hair? How do you take care of your hair? Is there a product you would like to recommend? How do you feel about John Frieda's products? 

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