Wednesday, August 15, 2012

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” -Yves Saint-Laurent

Hello everyone! Like I said I am trying my best at keeping this blog up and running so I hope you're ready for my second post.

I've noticed pretty much everyone I follow does a "What's in my make up bag" post, so here's my very own.  I think we all switch the products we keep on our makeup bags quite often, mostly because of the season. I tend to mix things up a bit so that I don't get bored from the products I carry around with me.

Take a peek at my make up bag and all the products I seem to be needing. The bag is from Mac, this is actually from their Ice Parade Collection for holiday 2011.  I really like this bag not only cause of the metallic silver color but because even though it seems small I can put just about anything in it.

As you can see, I can't seem to get enough Mac products. I will list the products from the pictures above with my personal opinion about them. Here goes the first one.

  • Even though I put on makeup before going out, sometimes I feel like touching up a bit when it comes to foundation.  Studio Mac Fix has got to be my savior since I'm not really into cream foundation. My skin is really light but I don't like to look like a ghost so I use NC25.
  • I don't wear a lot of mascara mostly because I feel like I don't need it but I keep it in my bag just in case I forget to apply some at home.  This one's Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash.
  • I usually leave my house really early in the morning and come back very late at night, which means I'm out for most of the day but I don't necessarily put on eyeshadow during the day just because I'm going to dinner or whatever at night. So I've been keeping this Taupless/Celestial black eye shadow from Mac for this kind of occasion. 
  • And of course I keep at least one blending eye shadow brush.  The one shown in the picture is a 275 medium angled shading brush by Mac.

I really love lip products which is why I keep a whole lot of them in my bag at all times.  In the picture above is shown:
  • Mac dazzleglass lip colour this one actually came in a set of four on a dazzlesphere. It is a little sticky but the color is totatly worth it, plus it tastes and smells amazing.
  • A lip colour balm chubby stick from Clinique in 07 super strawberry. I really love this product, I might as well get all the colors available. 
  • Just bitten kissable balm stain (Lovesick/Passionée) from Revlon. It has a mint scent to it which I don't really love but over time it kinda grows on you, plus it has a lot of colors for you to pick (I have 4 different shades so go figure).
  • And Figs & Rouge lip, face and body balm in Sweet Geranium which is a 100% organic. Your skin and lips will feel softer than ever, plus the scent is very sweet. BTW I got this on my July Glossybox
So that's about it, What do you usually keep on your make up bag? Have you tried any of these products? What would you recommend?

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