Monday, August 20, 2012

I've never let my school interfere with my education

Welcome back lovelies! Since school is about to begin I wanted to post about my school essentials. I am currently a college student so it's not like I carry a bunch of books or anything, like I used to in high school.  Usually I just grab a notebook and my iPad and that's enough for me to survive.  Take a look at the things I consider to be important to carry around.

So first I wanna talk to you about my glasses.  I don't wear glasses on a daily basis, I only use them whenever I read, specially when there's not enough lighting.  I got these at the Paul Frank store, I'm not sure how much they costed but I think they were about $200. I must say they are worth every penny cause if you wear glasses you know that it is very likely for you to drop them, and I have... a bunch of times... Another thing I liked about these glasses is the box they came in with, it really helps when it comes to protecting them on your bag.  It is not soft like they usual ones, overall it is well made and I love the material.  

Another product I'd like to show you is this german mechanical pencil called Worther Shorty.  It is very practical, specially if you're a designer, you can carry it around so that you can write down or sketch your upcoming ideas on the go. It has a hexagonal chunky shape barrel that fits very well in your hand. Plus it can write in just about any material, including: wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass (using red lead) or x-rays (using white lead). As you may have guessed this is no regular pencil, you can refill it as many times as you want, there's a variety of graphite colors for you pick. I must warn you that it is not exactly cheap, it costs $15 on the Hand Eye Supply online store.  Other than that, it comes in different colors and materials.

I am a fan of literature, unfortunately I don't have too much time to fulfill my desire of reading. So I always carry a book with me wherever I go.  For example if my teacher were to be late or I would get to school too early and there's no one around to pass the time, I know there's a book waiting for me in my bag.  The one shown in the picture is called "Why we broke up", it might sound like a depressing title but it is actually a really fun book.  It is a novel by Daniel Handler about a girl who decides to give her ex boyfriend his stuff back in a box. She explains to him in a letter about the content of the box and the reasons why they broke up. Like I said, it is very fun to read, light reading and very entertaining. Even if you just went through a hard breakup you'll find yourself cracking at this novel.

Let's get to the bag.  It is from Pull & Bear.  I don't wear the same bag to school every day, actually I have a bunch of them. Sometimes I even wear a different bag every single day.  Weather is constantly changing in my country (Guatemala), sometimes it'll be sunny and out of the sudden it's raining like crazy. I've been using this bag a lot lately mostly because it is made of vinyl plastic, that way my stuff won't get wet and the material also protects it from getting dirty.  

I don't take many notes, teachers usually upload their power point presentations to the schools website so there's really no need for me to write anything down.  If you check my notebook you'll probably find doodles and that would be all.  The thing I like about this notebook though, is that it reminds me of an old time favorite childhood show, Ghostwriter.  These notebooks are very cheap, I bought 6 of them for $10 at Costco, I think you can find them at Urban Outfitters as well.

Now a product that is well know by I'm guessing everyone.  An apple iPad.  Enough said.

So tell me, what are your school essentials? Have you ever heard about any of these products? Do you think you might fin them helpful? Do you own any of them?

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