Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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I read somewhere that you should travel because you can get back the money you spend but not the time you've wasted doing something else. The other day I got an email from Airbnb reminding me that a credit I had on my account was about to expire. I am living in Guatemala right now (for the summer) and hadn't thought about taking a trip since this is where I grew up and I've pretty much covered everything, or so I thought.

I went on Airbnb and a few minutes in I already knew where I wanted to go, I checked for the cheapest dates possible = the next day.  Told my boyfriend and he immediately said 'yes'.  He has never been much of an adventurer, he likes comfort and would never come up with the idea of going to a house without electricity on his own. That's my job.

So the next morning we got up, showered, and went on the road.  About three hours in, we had made it to the beautiful Atitl├ín. The house was located in El Jaibalito, a town I had never even heard of. You can only get there by boat, so we asked around and sailed away.

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The instructions from the owner were as follows: walk straight, about 200mts from the deck there will be a store and a guy will come to give you the keys.  If he's not there, call out his name as he lives nearby.

He lead the way through the trees, we crossed a river, there was a lot of sweating involved. It was pretty much a 20 min hike until we finally made it to the total disconnected paradise.

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The house had solar panels for christmas lights that only lasted for about 3 hours per night.  It had an outdoor shower surrounded by nature and a couple of spiders (nothing too bad). There were large windows everywhere and all kinds of coziness.

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I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and also there's a video in case you'd like to see more and visit this place.

Cama by Fleur Chelsea on 500px.com

Here's the video


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  2. Stunning Interior! Love your post. Keep writing!

  3. To Travel is to Live indeed by Hans Christian Andersen. Thank you very much sharing. Massive help. This is what I need x

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