Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take a leap and make a splash

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Whether the conflict is with ourselves or with others. It takes courage to approach the situation free from expectation to be vulnerable, open, kind and curious. So more often than not when we're involved in conflict whether if it's with ourselves in someway or if it's with somebody else we tend to setup a position where we want a particular outcome, we want a particular goal.  And we'll do anything we can to achieve that, to prove our point in some way.  So we tend to put up defenses, we lose any sense of spaciousness in the mind, we normally become a little bit angry perhaps in someway too. So we lose any sense of kindness, gentleness in the mind and we're not really interested in examining the process, again we're more interested in a particular result.

I'm not going to lie, it has been difficult getting used to the educational system here in The Netherlands.  And the reason is that I'm very used to having lectures, I got used to having a teacher come to class and explain everything to me for an entire semester.  Instead, I'm obligated to pretty teach myself everything by reading ridiculous amounts of articles.  Which, I would be okay with if my tuition wasn't too expensive. I don't understand where the money is going to, when I'm the one doing all the work.

I guess my expectations about their teaching system was very different from reality and I have to put that aside and exploit the opportunities I have by just coming to another continent for my education.  It's very hard to accept that you have a love-hate relationship with what you were so looking forward to. When you release expectations, you're free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be. All in all I am very happy and still tremendously excited about coming here.

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