Monday, May 1, 2017

Leave everything behind

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Zara jumper - H&M kimono - YRU shoes - Primark bag
Hiiiii, terribly sorry about being consistently inconsistent.. A few days ago I was very upset about something that happened at work and I felt this urge to buy things in order to make myself feel better, as if that would have fixed anything.. The thing is that I ended up at a thrift store and I bought like 2 tops and a skirt, good thing is I spent around $5 total which is great!
Whenever I feel gloomy I like to dress up and look nice, this makes me feel emotionally better so in order to prevent me from going online shopping (I hate going to the mall) I went to my parents place and went through my old closet.  If you guys only knew how much shit I still have in my old room... like seriously brand new stuff I never even tried on. Anyways, I decided that I'll be hosting a sale at my place, I still don't know the date but it will be quite soon as I do need to save up for something I'm planning. I figured that in order to close this circle and really go through a fresh start I need to get rid off all these things I do not need in my life.
In the meantime, here's a look I created with a bunch of stuff I found in my old room.  I'm not into the whole summer dresses thing or pastels in spring, I prefer black loose clothes that make me feel comfortable. What do you guys think?

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