Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Do what you like, like what you do

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Today's post is about taking care of yourself and what better way to do so than looking after the skin you live in. The products I'm about to tell you about have either stayed with me for a long time or recently discovered. I think as you get older you find that there are products that work better for your skin than the ones you saw on a magazine.

It is easy to convince yourself that a brand is doing great things for you when there's a hype to it. However, it is not easy for that to actually become true. I think Aesop overcomes this since I actually did discovered them through Instagram, but there was just something about them that really spoke to me after I actually tried their products.

I found that Aesop is a luxury skin care company that uses sustainable materials in its stores where possible, its retail design echoes its product packaging and its plant ingredients. They create a philosophy based on anonymity and simplicity through the creation of organic, sustainable products made for a long life. When you walk into their store you can really see how they are able to create an immersive space that is intimate and visually calm. But that's not all, their products actually DO WORK.

So here's my skin care routine, hope it works out for you as well!
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I use coconut oil to clean my face both in the morning and at night, just put some on your face and remove with a wet cloth.
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I usually put on some of this oil when it's morning, right after cleaning up my face, before any toner or trace or makeup.
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I would use this cleanser and leave it on for about 15 min when I feel that I'm about to break out, meaning after a pizza night or whatever. I also wipe it off with a wet cloth.
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I love this gel, it is a lifesaver if you get blemishes and would like something to heal them quickly. It does not dehydrate your skin and you can leave it on at night after a cleanse.
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Last but not least if I'm having a tough month, like my skin is too dry and whatnot I would use Lush's cup o'coffee face mask daily every morning. I would literally put it on first thing in the morning, wash my teeth and take a shower, like I would get it off while showering because it is quite messy but it's still my favorite face mask ever not only cause it smells delicious (coffee duh) but because it really does work perfectly on my skin.

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