Sunday, April 30, 2017

What we're all like

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I like to consider myself an observant.  I probably have an account in all social networks but barely ever express what's in my mind.  That doesn't mean I never log in nor that I'm unaware of all things around me.
I guess I use my style as a way of showing who I am, what I'm like. I wanna go beyond that just now, so I'll be blunt (as If I'm not always that way). We're all so alike yet we try so hard to convince ourselves that we're not.  That somehow you're in some way special, that no one understands.
We desire insane amounts of validation from people. Perhaps you never actively seek it. Like you never express any desires you have, but what you can always count on is that later comes a time when you get upset about people don’t fulfilling your expectations. Become disillusioned with the world, with relationships and with humanity as a whole when you are treated poorly by someone you foolishly thought had enough patience to love you. Feel wronged when they don’t do the things you wanted them to do, even though you never told them what the things you wanted them to do were. Wonder why every person in the entire world seems inevitably separate from you at best, and in some kind of malicious plot against you at worst.
We aim to make things complicated, when they're so simple.
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