Sunday, April 30, 2017

On the streets

I hate it when people say that fashion and style don't exist in Guatemala. To all the haters out there I say: look closer, perhaps you're not paying attention.  Fredy and Leila are two of the most fashionable people I've ever met.  What I love the most about both of them is their confidence, they are not afraid of wearing statement pieces.  Take this sweater (doesn't it remind you of Givenchy's fall - winter '13 collection?) for instance, it wouldn't be the same without Fredy's personal touch.  He wears it with pride and totally pulls it off, if that's not fashionable then I don't think you're perceptive enough.
Now, let's look at Leila with that awesome earring and stylish bag.  Her ear cuff made me think of several designers like: Ana Khouri, Elizabeth Cole, Swarovski, Ryan Storer? She stands out by a whole lot and she deserves credit for it.  She's daring and knows exactly how to style her entire outfit.  If you're not convinced just yet, don't worry, I'll keep on posting some more fashionable people I run into.

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