Sunday, April 30, 2017

Loving the weather

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I know it has been really long since my last outfit post, I apologize.  I'm not the kinda person who likes to play the victim, in fact I never ever want to be a victim, however I did get robbed a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately my precious camera was taken from me... something else was given back to me though, the motivation to continue this blog.  So consider this my come back, just know that there's no way in hell I'll stop blogging.  So I must be the luckiest girl in the world (kind of ironic given the fact that I just got robbed) because I have the coolest kindest most supportive friends ever, one of them borrowed me his camera without me even asking so that I could continue blogging! (I'm saving for my own camera though)  So here goes a new post!
I truly love this weather, fall is definitely my favorite season of them all.  I love the boots, comfy sweaters, long socks, hats, and the seasonal colors! It's all very perfect! So that was definitely my inspiration for this look. I don't own a pair of long boots so I usually use long socks to create the allusion.

photozpsccb by Fleur Chelsea on
Top: Isabel Marant for H&M / Suspender dress: Kimchi Blue / Floppy hat: Catarzi exclusive for ASOS / Shoes: Miista

I feel like this look is very casual but has a sophisticated look to it because of both print (the shirts and dress) work really well together.

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