Sunday, April 30, 2017

I wear whatever I want

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a new look with you guys featuring Forever 21.  I did a little shopping this saturday since it was the official opening of the Arkadia Guatemala store and immediately knew what I wanted to pair my clothes with.  I think I've said it many times but just in case this is the first time you ever visit my blog, I like to mix up my outfit a bit.. Meaning I like to combine pieces from different stores.  In this case I grabbed a few things I had pretty much on the bottom of my closet, for example my tights which I got at Pull and Bear ages ago.. Another thing I didn't even remember I had were these shorts which they are thrifted.  Now for the new stuff, I got this fluffy sweater, I honestly wanted to take this sweater in every color available since they have it in white and baby blue.  I went for the black one because well.. it's my favorite color to wear.  Another thing I had to buy was this fedora hat, I always wanted one but couldn't find the right fit (my head is really small).  What I liked the most is that it's pretty sturdy unlike floppy hats, definitely a plus in my opinion.  My shoes were also a new acquisition, also from Forever 21, I just really wanted a cool pair of booties and they happened to stumble in front of me. So, what do you guys think?

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