Sunday, April 30, 2017

Guatemalan Favorites: Médium Haus

I wish I had shared this brand with your guys sooner, but unfortunately I was supposed to have this article published on a magazine that never came out! So, I figured I should still use this content because I was very excited about it. In fact, I still am. So here's an interview I did to the founders of Médium, a guatemalan brand I think everyone should include in their closet.
Médium is the result of a restlessness Ana González and Sofía Callejas felt when they first started designing for their school projects.  "We first started collaborating with artisans from different communities, we learned from their work. We always liked craftsmen's products but we knew very little about their production potential. Later, we came to realise that we could build a team of artisans, who could help us maintain guatemalan tradition and culture through their fabrics and other handcrafts. That must have been the biggest drive to start this project".
"Médium means intermediate in latin; a spokesman. That's exactly what we are trying to do.  We want to communicate our point of view through our designs and style, and our brand is the bridge between modern and tradition. As a result, we are the means of expression for our clients (consumers)".

Médium differs from usual artisan goods by providing modern and exclusive designs. "Despite the materials we use in our products, our main intention is to provide our point of view".
"We believe that fashion is a tool to communicate people's individuality and we are thrilled whenever pieces from Médium become part of an outfit in a unique and special way. That's our target, people who appreciate not only the design but also it's significance, plus value the accessories that we create.  We want to allow costumers to mix up our accesories with outfits that reflect their personality".
The brand was launched in 2012 by Ana González and Sofia Callejas, it has been showcased at the "Fashion Generation" exhibition and the Design and Architecture Festival hosted ​​by the Alliance Française. It was part of Amiga Magazine's fashion show quite recently. In addition, Médium's products have also been published on social media and blogs from all around the world.

Model: Ligia Azul
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