Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dresses before trousers

photozpsdafad by Fleur Chelsea on

Believe it or not I have a new post for today! Yaaay! I'm glad I am not working two jobs anymore, otherwise I definitely would fail at posting frequently on the blog.  Time management is really hard for me, not because I'm a mess but more like I can barely have two seconds to myself during the day.. And let's face it, pictures taken at night are not really that awesome.  So, now that I stopped bitching about how busy I am or whatever, let's get to the point.  I love wearing dresses, I would have a closet filled with just dresses if I could afford it.  Pants, jeans and shorts are not really my thing. With dresses I feel like you can layer it if it's cold and lose them if it gets hot, makes my life a whole lot easier!  So here's just a quick outfit idea, hope you guys like it.

photozpsbdaeac by Fleur Chelsea on
Coat: Thrifted / Dress: Pull&Bear (ages ago) / Shoes: ASOS (sold out) / Bag: Chanel

photozpsbc by Fleur Chelsea on

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