Sunday, April 30, 2017

Being me

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Hello everybody! I’m super excited about being so disciplined and to actually accomplish to do a different post every day.  I recently had to renew my domain so I feel a little bit obligated to confirm myself that spending that money was something necessary.

Today is my least favorite day of the week.  I feel like by the time you get to the middle of the week you’re already exhausted from work, you want the weekend to come but it’s just too far away.
It’s crazy how fast I can get tired of things.  Before, I used to love taking pictures outside my house.
Now, I pretty much feel grossed out when looking at one. Even when it’s from a place so familiar to me.  I’ve been trying to find new locations for pictures, but it can be complicated in this city.

See, last time I went on a less secure street to take pictures for the blog I got mugged! My camera was taken from me and even the few accessories I was wearing that day. The sadness that came through me was not about the things, it wasn’t about material stuff nor money. It was because I felt helpless, insecure, and most of all I hated that it happened while doing something I enjoy so much.
Almost as if somebody was trying to ruin it for me.  But then, like I do most days in almost every situation, I made a decision: to move on.

Here’s to a new vision, another year with this domain but a different scenery where I can still be me.

IMG by Fleur Chelsea on
IMG by Fleur Chelsea on

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