Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Veggie lunch ideas


Some of you may not know this but I started as a beauty blogger, it was only after I moved out of my parents house that I began cooking a lot more often and since I was a vegetarian I came up with a few quick recipes so that I wouldn't starb myself.  Eventually I thought about sharing more things that I came across during the "living on my own" process and somehow I ended up posting about my style.  I`ve been meaning to go back to the old days when I used to share a lot more than just clothes so here goes my first try.  
So I recently signed up for a cooking class and even though I am very excited about learning, there's also some bad news for me.. since most of the recipes include meat.  I knew about this since before signing up but I figured that I can't avoid meat my entire life because I do want to become a good cook.  So there will be more recipes coming to the blog, I hope you enjoy them.  In the meantime I´ll leave you with some of my quick lunch veggie solutions, have a taste!
This is a very basic burger: I got a pack of frozen soy patties that basically you can fry very easily in about 5 minutes.  Instead of using mayonnaise of any sort of dressing I use Hummus instead, in fact you can get it at the super market (Pricesmart).If you feel like there isn't enough flavor to it, just add some avocado! 
This is some sorta veggie ceviche I made by improvising: I used cherry tomatoes, alfalfa, lemon and pearl oyster mushrooms and condimented it with salt, pepper and tomato sauce (ketchup).  If you're wondering if I cooked the mushrooms, as a matter of fact I kinda did, I boiled them for about 2 minutes.   You'll know when they are ready because they tend to shrink. Anyways, hope this helps!

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  1. Not bad is s great step for learning to cook i learn with my mom and grandma than improve when i move put now i feel like a home cook pro. I will try the ceveche looks delicious and burger i like it as portabella mushroom with mozzarella and avocado drizzle withf balsamic vinegar try it you will know what i mean. Good luck in cooking class.

  2. Such a yummy post, I'm also a veggie. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa <333

  3. nice food, you really did well. it looks really cooked. new post on my blog

  4. So yummy.I really dont cook that much but this look very delicious.great post dear
    Have a great weekend

  5. I started a vegetarian style of living recently (well.. Not that recently, 3 years ago) I recommend you to visit "La Escalonia" in Antigua, they sell a lot of soy "meat" :)


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