Friday, June 13, 2014

Nice and sunny

 Dress: Minkpink / Kimono: Zara / Shoes: ASOS

I really love Kimonos, I wish I could wear them all the time but since the days have been kinda cold lately I haven't really been able to wear them as much as I want to.  So whenever it's nice and sunny I take my summer clothes out for a spin! So.. Shoes! They are definately my favorite accesory, to me they are the most important part of my outfit so as you can imagine I have tons of them.  I like this pair I got from Asos because they are really tall but found to be really easy to walk in, they look heavy but they are actually very light. Plus they have this strap that helps keep them in place without hurting the back of your feet.  I'm probably gonna hit the sales this weekend, some from Asos, Whistles and Topshop! Go to their websites I'm sure you'll go crazy as I did!
My neighbor's dog came to say hello.
How pretty does this print on print look?

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  1. Love the kimono, such a pretty print! Hope the weather improves for you soon xx

  2. This outfit is really beautiful x

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