Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meet me in the Graveyard

I'lll be honest, I'm not a big fan of costumes, I guess it is because I don't think getting an outfit for just one night is very clever. Which means that Halloween is just another day for me. However I went on a road trip with my boyfriend a few days ago and it was suppose to be "spooky" since we had a under the moonlight private tour at the cemetery. Also later that night we went hiking to Volcán Chicabal (at 2 in the morning). The volcano has a unique crater lake inside of its summit cone which makes it very unique, and let's be honest, totally awesome.  This place feels magical, it went from really colorful and bright and then all of the sudden turned all foggy and mysterious. I know it sounds unbelievable but that is how I got inspired for this look, I could draw it for you but that just sounds really lame.  I only wish you can understand all the beauty I saw and why I wanted to translated into an outfit. Check it out.

Seré honesta, no me gustan los disfraces, supongo que tiene que ver con que no me parece inteligente comprar algo que solo voy a usar una vez. Para mi Halloween es como cualquier otra día. Sin embargo hace poco fui a un viaje "tenebroso".  Este consistía en un tour nocturno (bajo luna llena) en el Cementerio General de Quetzaltenango.  Luego nos dirigimos al Volcán Chicabal (a las 2 de la madrugada) el cual me parece único ya que tiene una laguna en el cráter. Este lugar parece mágico, estababa despejado y en cuestion de minutos se llenaba de neblina lo cual le daba una apariencia misteriosa.  Aunque parezca dificíl de creer, me inspiró mucho y de eso se trata este look, espero que lo entiendan. Sigan leyendo para más detalles.

Here are some pictures of my small adventure

Now for the Look


Top/Blusa: Vintage/Megapaca for the win
Skirt/Falda: Stradivarius
Shoes/Zapatos: Wanderlust

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  1. This is a gorgeous look, the boots are especially lovely :) Very envious of your perfect plait too x

  2. You look fabulous and the images are amazing.

  3. you look super pretty and the floral print on your shoes is lovely

  4. That place really seems magical :o
    Great look, and I love your braid!

  5. Hi sweetie! You're divine! I really like this outfit ;)
    Happy Halloween,
    The diary of Indian Savage

  6. burgundy skirt- Love this piece


  7. me gusta mucho la falda, tiene un color precioso, un look estupendo, guapa!


  8. Great outfit! You look perfect! :)

  9. Amazing photos. You have a great blog.

  10. Oh that skirt! I totally love burgundy & it looks good on you! I'm your new follower on GFC & Bloglovin!
    Hope you visit back!


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