Friday, September 7, 2012

Beauty Army

Hello everyone! I received my Beauty Army box last week as well.  It is for the month of August, I think... It took so long to get here that I had even forgotten all about it, but it comes all the way from Canada so I can understand why it took so long.  

Anyways, if you don't know anything about this box then I'll explain it really quick.  It is another beauty sample subscription service but it is a lot different from Glossybox and others.  With Beauty Army you get to pick your samples so that you can make you sure that you won't receive something you don't like nor want.  Every month they will let you know when you get to pick your samples.  The choices shown on your account will be based on a beauty profile you fill out, you can do this as many times as you want.  So they will show you several choices from which you get to pick 6 or less (I don't understand why anyone would choose less).  If you don't choose your samples during the time the site gives you then their "experts" will choose them for you based on your beauty profile. Another thing you should know is that you get to skip a month without having to unsubscribe and it is just $12 a month! If you would like to subscribe, please go to this link

So here's the samples I picked.  First I wanna show you the Freeman Psssst Shampoo.  I was very excited about trying this because I don't get to wash my hair everyday (cause other wise the color would fade away within a week).  I lifted a few sections of my hair and sprayed it with this. I was very happy with the results cause my hair felt really fresh, it didn't have any scent but it just felt clean and not oily at all.  I don't think I would use this very often though but I did liked it. 

Another thing I got was the Besame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge, which is a highly concentrated cream that gives you an automatic blush.  It is VERY red. You can also use this on your lips.  It blends really well with my skin (it says it's for all skin types).  You only need a little amount of this product cause it really is very very pigmented. 

I also got the Eye Candy Coolers.  I fount this to be very practical cause they are reusable.  I don't really suffer from puffy eyes but who knows? I might really need this some day.  The price for these is $12, so that means just this product pays for the whole box itself.

I picked two primers: The Youngblood Mineral Eye Primer and The Emani Foundation Primer and Hydrating Serum. I've already tried both of them, I feel that they did help with my makeup cause my foundation did last longer but I just can't get over Mac cosmetics Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35 which is the one that use on a daily basis. So, I'm just gonna say that even though both these products worked really well on my skin, they did not impress me enough to get me to purchasing them full size.  

The last product I wanna show you guys is actually my favorite product on this month's box. It's also probably the one that I was the most excited about trying.  It is The Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment.  I've heard so many great things about this product that I just needed to get my hands on it.  It gave a little bit of shine to my hair, an awesome softness and a very lovely scent.  I'm really loving this product and I will definitely be getting it full size.  

So that's it! What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? Do you think Beauty Army is worth the shot?

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