Hey guys! I know I haven't been around for a while but there's
a perfectly good an honest explanation for that, I just didn't felt like it.  I definitely don't wanna lie.. I certainly haven't gotten the time either but I think it's known that if you truly want to do something then you'll make time for it.
So, let's get to the why I lost interest. I guess it all comes down to this blog starting to feel like a business instead of what I intended it to be.  I really do find it flattering when getting contacted by brands and whatnot, however, it has never been my intention to post in exchange of something.  The only thing that I would care about receiving back is for people to truly understand the message I want to express in any way possible:  To be yourself and not give a fuck about other people's bullshit.
Now that that's out of the way,  I wanna be clear about something else.  I don't think I'll ever wanna be call a fashion blogger again.  Why is that? I guess my ideal blog is more focused on style and not a trend.  I really couldn't care less about "having the latest and the greatest just for the sake of feeling like the latest and the greatest".
I don't think that having expensive pretty things make you better than anyone else. In fact, I don't think anyone should compare themselves to others nor think that there's such a thing as "being better than someone". The less you compare yourself to others the better you'll feel.  This is not because you don't stand a chance against others, but because there's no point to compete against someone who isn't you. There are no negatives, only differences. Different means individual, one of a kind.  If you really want a challenge then try to be the best version of yourself.
If there's one thing I truly believe in, is caring about yourself.  As selfish as it may sound, I've learned to make myself a priority and I find that to be intelligent and attractive.   And in the end, isn't that what we're trying to portrait when getting dressed? We want to express something and I don't know about you, but I wanna reflect the best self within.  That doesn't mean fancy trendy clothes to me. It only means personal care, respect for myself, both inside and out.

So, the entire purpose of this post is for you not to expect this to be a fashion blog.  You can name it what you want, all that matters to me is that you give this words some sorta meaning and to transform them into something of value. I hope you guys will agree.

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