Sunday, April 30, 2017

Outerwear Update

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I hate to bring up the weather again, but I honestly like to dress accordingly to it. Not because of a trend but I feel like it is a true necessity, I'll wear anything that I truly feel like I should. Given that reason I think having a couple of timeless coats is good idea, I said "timeless" mostly because I have own most of mine for about two years now and that is fine by me.  Where do you put all of these stuff after the cold is over? I don't live in a mansion nor do I own a walking closet (anymore) so space is very important to me, specially if you have trouble getting ready in the morning.. Having the right pieces in all of the right places can save you the trouble and make up for more beauty sleep (not to mention, money).  Are you with me?
So anyways, I got this coat on sale at Pull and Bear about a year ago and it still looks awesome no matter what I'm wearing underneath.  Sometimes I would just grab shorts and a t-shirt and look really cool by just putting this baby on.  Think about investing in one, not only you won't regret it but also you might find one on sale as I did.

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Hat: Topshop / Coat: Pull&Bear / Top: Forever 21 / Skirt: Thrifted / Bag: Pull&Bear / Shoes: Zara
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