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Makeup Routine

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Hey everyone! I wanted to do this post since so long ago and finally made some time for it.  I'm obviously not gonna give you a tutorial on how to do your makeup mostly because I think it would be better for me to tell you about the products that I use daily. In my opinion, if these items are for daily use then there's no need to go all fancy on your makeup.  What I focused on the most was for them to be affordable, long lasting and not too heavy. So let's get started!

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I’m well and truly addicted to the Revlon ColorStay Makeup Foundation for combination/oily skin in Sand Beige, it’s one of those products that seems to work for everyone, promising the same great results no matter what you skin type or tone. I feel like this has a really dreamy finish, not too matte, not too dewy, that will not cake. I tend to apply a little bit of this Carla Asmus eye primer that I also use as a concealer just to even things out.  And the NYC IndividualEyes compact in Dark Shadows which mostly consists in shimmery eyeshadows that I use as highlighters.  The colors don’t have names, they are just labeled as “crease”, “highlighter”, etc but the shades range from white to gray and silver and black. They're great cause they are incredibly pigmented, but I basically stick to the primer and the shimmer for highlighting my face.
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For my eyebrows I use the Revlon Brow Fantasy pencil and gel by Colorstay, this really allows me to define the shape of my eyebrows.  I have kinda really light blonde grey-ish hair right now but the color of this 'brunette' pencil actually works for me.  It comes with this gel that also helps out keeping my brows in place and not having to use a separate brush or my mascara.
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Moving on to my favorite product of all time, it's this Carla Asmus Eye Lights in Moon Gold.  I use this every single day right after applying eye primer.  I mostly use it as a base eyeshadow or something, it gives a lot of shimmer to my eyes without looking too unnatural.
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After, I apply a little bit of either pink or grey eyeshadow, depending on the lipstick I'm going to use.  If I were to apply a dark lipstick (purple, red) I rather wear the grey eyeshadow because I try not to bring too much redness to my face.  But if I'm going to use a more natural or neutral lipstick color then I go for the pinkish eyeshadow. What I actually do care about mostly is the brushes I'll be using.  I usually start with the Cala shading brush, then move forward to the Mac angled (275SE) for blending it in and do a little contouring with the Revlon by Marchesa. Also if you're curious the eye palettes you see in the back are: Lancome Color Design Season Effects and Clinique Colour Surge EyeShadow duo and blush.
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For my cheeks I use eyeshadow for contoring, I don't like to do this so much to be honest.  I feel like it doesn't look too natural and I already am comfortable with the shape of my face.
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For blush, I prefer the Dolce Pink baked powder blush by Milani.  The brushes I use are by EcoTools, which are incredibly soft, ecological as they're made of bamboo and 100% cruelty free.
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When it comes to eyeliner I usually start with a maker by Revlon and finish it off with this L'oreal Color Riche Le smoky that comes with a smudger that really makes all the difference when trying to get a winged finish. For my eyelashes I use the LashBlast Fusion Mascara by Covergirl, this product really does give great volume and separates my lashes nicely.
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I take the opportunity to use this balm stain whenever I use very lightweight natural makeup so that my lips take the spot light.  My lips are quite small but red lipstick actually gives me a little bit more confidence, it does enhance everything in my opinion.  This one is from Revlon and it's called Romantic, it's long lasting and feels like mint when you apply it.

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