Sunday, April 30, 2017


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Pants: Thrifted / Top: Zara / Shoes: Forever 21 / Bag: Lulu Guinness
Hey guys! So ever since I started my new job lots of monochrome outfits began to rise.  I'm not complaining but I figure I should point out that it's not entirely on purpose.  See, I recently found out that there are certain wore drove rules that apparently I wasn't aware of.  I was so used to wearing whatever the hell I wanted before that now I really can't seem to figure out what to wear.  I've been playing it a little bit safe because well.. that's what they're asking me for.  What kinda rules you may ask? Well I can't wear short skirts to work, nor see through shirts (even if I wear something quite decent on the bottom), I'm also not allowed to wear jeans with holes on them.. among other stuff I rather not even get into. So this look is just kinda like in between.. I am wearing a lace/see through top (probably gonna get a penalty for that) but I don't really give a ... What do you guys think? Anyone else having this insane irrational problem?

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