Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Current Favorites

I haven't done any Monthly Favorites posts lately so I figured I should make one about all of the products that I haven't shared with you guys just yet. Even though it's not summer in Guatemala anymore, it's still pretty hot outside and skin can get tricky. I have mixed skin, so I can't really wear heavy foundations because they basically melt on my face and ends up looking kinda cakey (yak!). That means no Mac products for me, they have really great coverage but are awful on my skin because they pretty much cover my pores and the ending result is always the same: acne (no, thank you). People tend to think that the better the coverage the better the product, so they forget about keeping a healthy looking skin. If you agree, then this products are for you because they will help you get better looking (healthier) skin.

First for my feet I tend to use this balm by Alessandro, it helps keep your feet moisturize and also has a mint scent to it so they won't stinck. Then for my hair I use just a few drops of this moroccanoil treatment, I have processed hair and this product has helped me a whole lot. I really really recommend it! Then, there's this some sorta exfoliant I've been using on dry skin, The tree hut shea body butter, it really helps out getting rid of all those dead cells and bring skin back to life, plus it smells really nice (coconut and lime). Also for my hair I use the Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves, which is a frizz control cream, all you need to do is apply some of this wonderful stuff on your hair after taking a shower and voilà. Then instead of some heavy foundation I use this BB Cream by Revlon, it doesn't have an amazing coverage but that's what I like about it. My skin is already healthy looking (because I don't use harsh nor heavy products) so I only need to cover a little redness. Lastly I've found this blotting papers by Julep quite handy for those days where you can't control the oil on your face, miracle workers!

Now for the closet, I recently got this top from a vintage store called Golden Plastic. They are super nice, they even changed the buttons on my top so they would look more sailor themed. For the shoes, like I usually don't even wear sandals but I found this at Topshop and thought they looked really cute and even a little sophisticated 'cause of the golden details. What do you guys think?

Lastly, I don't know about you guys but I love adventure and traveling. Not in a "let's book the most luxurious hotel" kinda way but more into the exploring and surviving type. If you're like me then you'll need some basic things like this cup from Best Made that you can use to boil just about anything, wether you start a fire or take a mini stove with you. I also recommend this book that I also originally got at Best Made but it's out of stock now so I put a link for amazon instead. It has all the basics for surviving in the woods, like where to find water and which plants are safe, etc. Now, people in Guatemala are probably planning on killing me because I am recommending this blend from Starbucks instead of our local coffee (which is the best, really, it is) but sometimes you need to get out of comfort zone and try something else. So, yeah I like this coffee from Starbucks and I think it's wonderful (sue me) it's the Medium from Pike Place Roast. Now that I got that off my chest, I wanna share this illustrations that I found really inspiring by Ana Ramírez. I`m planning on hanging them all over my place very soon, I'll show you how that turns out. Also for the writting kind I recommend taking a notebook or whatever you can find to keep track of your journey, I like to take this notebook from The wallstreet journal with me so that I can sketch. Hope this items help you during your trips and vacations!

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