Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Couldn't resist

Sweater: Topshop / Skirt: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Bag: Stradivarius / Socks: FXXI / Top FXXI

So you got me... this is pretty much a Topshop haul but how could I resist? I think this is probably the sweetest outfit I have ever worn, too much pastel going on.  I've been wearing a lot of crop tops lately, most of the skirts that I own are highwasted so crop tops are must in my closet.  People tell  me that I'm really skinny all the time (it's starting to become annoying) and like yeah, I'm not overweight but I do have enormous hips.  People don't really notice that because I've learn to wear clothes that look flattering on my body.  So if you're curvy like me, anything high wasted will look amazing on you, plus you get to wear crop tops (no shame included).

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  1. lovely post, cute outfits, nice pop of colour. hope you have a lovely weekend. new post on blog

  2. Those shoes are absouluteley fab!


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