Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dresscode + Steve Madden Collab

Last week I was asked to host an event next to Dresscode, an online local store, at Steve Madden! I was very excited because I love putting outfits together, specially when it comes down to picking shoes to go with them! The entire purpose of this event was to help women figure out how to combine their Steve Madden shoes with their clothes, in this case from Dresscode.  So basically I got to be their personal shopper. I found people troubles to be very insteresting, girls who wanted their shoes to stand out while others wanted their clothes to be the center of attention. Here are some of the looks I put together when combining Dresscode clothes + Steve Madden shoes. .
 I wore a maxi dress and a lace blouse on top of it and paired it with this pumps. I thought it looked kinda dressy with some bohemian vibes to play.
 I am currently obsessed with sneakers, found this pair to be perfect!
 I created this sporty look to go with it.  My favourite part I guess would be the shorts, cause they had a nice lace detail on the sides.

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  1. I love your shorts..kiss

  2. love your outfit, so cute, nice shoe. new post on blog.

  3. Ah I love the shoes, so nice! & your hair is amazing! Thanks again for your comment on our blog!
    Holly x


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