Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Favorites: February

February was good to me.  The weather didn't change as much as usual which allowed my skin to go back to normal (from all the damage caused during winter).  Days seemed longer and sunnier, a lot like summer so I ended up trying a whole lot of new braids and hairstyles. I obviously did get a little help from a few products I've been really enjoying, which leads me to my monthly favorites.
Julep Sea Salt Texture Spray - I have straight hair which is a pain in the ass whenever I want updos, braids, etc.  I hate the amount of hair spray I need whenever I use a curling iron.  It's awful.  I came across this product mostly because I wanted beachy waves and they turned out beautifully.  Another thing about this product is that you can also use it on your bangs in order to avoid greasiness.  And if that wasn't enough it is paraven and sulfate free!

Pravana Pure Light Brightening Shampoo - I have tried at least 4 different purple (toning) shampoos, all very drying and awfully scented.  This is the best one that I've tried! I wouldn't recommend using it for toning (don't be cheap, just buy an actual toner) but if your hair is already silver as mine then this will keep brassiness away for longer than shimmer lights and all those other purple shampoos (fudge, osmo, etc) .  It's sulfate free! And it has a natural scent (kinda like lavender) that goes away so you won't spend the entire day with your hair smelling like soap.
Lancôme Facial Cleanser - I usually remove makeup from my face with cleansing towels because I am incredibly lazy when it comes to skin care. Unfortunately I was starting to get a lot of break outs and because of the winter my skin was getting incredibly dry. So, I decided to stop being a lazy ass and got this cleanser which has a very creamy texture, soft scent and removes makeup easily. It leaves my skin soft and nourished. It never stripes the skin or dries it out. I found that it can also be used on any skin type, but it really does magic on dry, sensitive and aging skin. Best part is that it's non-irritating and removes all make-up easily, even waterproof mascara!

Lancôme Tonique Radiance - This is truly a Godsend daily toner/exfoliant. I have been using it twice a day with a cotton ball after cleansing. I'm not a huge fan of granular exfoliants on the face so I found this product to be perfect for me. It's done wonders improving my skin texture and tone without being too much for my sensitive and breakout prone skin.
House of Holland by Elegant Touch nails - I originally got them from ASOS but they are out of stock now but found that Urban Outfitters still has them. Anyways! I wasn't sure about ordering these in the first place because I read reviews about them being too long but I have wanted Styletto nails for so long!! (can't go to a salon to get them done because nobody in Guatemala has a clue about them)  Yes, it was complicated getting use them at first (couple of hours) but I managed to (figure it out) type and blog for an entire week and none of them fell off so I would really recommend these, plus the designs are the cutest!


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  1. howw lovely

  2. I love the Lancome toner, I use it all the time. Great reviews and post.


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