Saturday, April 29, 2017

January Loves

I know it's a little bit late for this post but I wanted to do it anyway.  Here are my favorites for the month of January!
Topshop Lipstick in Boom Boom - What I loved about it was not only the bright and vivid color but also it's texture, it also feels very smooth and looks incredibly sweet.
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir - I think it is the best scent out of the whole Viva La Juicy franchise. It's quite pricey for such a small bottle but I don't really care because the scent can last for a whole day. It's kinda sweet but not too overpowering, it mostly smells like berries with a hint of honey.
Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Poisonberry - First of all I love limecrime, it's cruelty free and has plenty of non borring shades. This one in particular is a dark berry purple shade, it has a nice satiny finish. It's long lasting but stains ridiculously which I don't mind as much because I don't wear it everyday, otherwise I think my lips would get cracked and extremely dry. Oh! I forgot to mention it smells like sugar!
White Platform Slip-on Boots - These are Stella McCartney Platform Clogs (sold out) look-alikes, I got them from Chicwish but you can also find them at Choies for a higher price. They are obviously not as perfect (well made) as the originals but they are true to size, comfortable and sturdy. Highly recommend! I also recently found that Zara came up with similar ones but not quite.
VOGUE February Issue - So this isn't january's issue but I did read it at the end of january so I guess it counts. Anyway, let's focus on the important: How gorgeous does Lena Dunham look on the cover? I mean, Wow! I loved this magazine, I read it from cover to cover in about an hour! Love, love, love.
Paris Street Style By Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset - I loved this book, I feel that I can relate to it. I tend to wear a lot of effortless outfits in the hopes of looking like a french (chic) woman. There's nothing I love more than true beauty and style. It is an inspirational guide to timeless glamour & carefree, easy chic.

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  1. ooo, I love topshop lipstick and this one in boom boom looks amazing! the paris style book looks really cool! x

  2. Great items love those clogs and the lipstick.

  3. Nice post! I can understand why those pieces are your favorites :)


  4. Que bonita post!!

  5. So pretty! Love shoes!

  6. nice, love the pink lipstick :)))

  7. The package of the products from the first picture is so sweet :D

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I followed you on Bloglovin too hun:)

  9. I need to see a photo of that berry lipstick on you!
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  10. Aww wish i did this!! And that book looks like a fun read!! Urban outfitters always has interesting books!
    Kat |

  11. ADORO totalmente las plataformas en ese blanco tan perfectas y segurísimo que con el pintalabios morados son más perfectas aún. Comparto muchos gustos contigo! Me ha encantado el post

  12. the color of the top shop lipstick is so pretty :)


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