Friday, November 22, 2013

I look like a unicorn

 Sorry about the low quality photos and the mess on the back but I'm not home.

I do, people said that to me.  I wanted platinum hair for so long.  Okay, so maybe mostly because I wanted to be able to try a pastel color every now and then and be able to look like a well put together person.  I think this is one of those things you kinda have to get out of your system before you hit 30, I am almost 25 and time does not wait for anyone. 

I must confess that I am not extremely happy about the color I achieved, but I am getting there.  I started the process a week ago.  Right now I am in NY but I started before I came here.  I saw a bunch of videos and read tons of blogs about going silver blonde (white) and some of them were helpful but none of them were entirely specific.  
First you need to know that my natural hair color is light brown.  This is very important because the darker your hair is the harder it will be to achieve this color and trust me it wasn't very fun for me.  So if your hair is not blonde like mine you'll probably have to bleach it first.  There are tons of videos on Youtube about not using bleach, if you wanna do that procedure then you should probably stop reading this because I bleached the shit out of my hair.  

So I had to bleach my hair 2 times the first day, I wanted to kept going but my hairdresser advised me not to and refused to bleach it again.  I think it was stupid of me to push her into bleaching it again because now that I really think about it, the color I had achieved was okay.  If only I knew then what I know now.. Anyways.. your hair will probably have a bit of yellow.  I had tons of it, and orange too.  So I was stubborn and waited 3 days until I bleached it again and that didn't help at all.  If anything, my hair turned even more orange.  So.. I knew that I was supposed to tone my hair but I couldn't find a toner in Guatemala.  What I did find was a purple shampoo.  Not the one that I wanted though.  I heard wonders about the Shimmering Lights Shampoo by Clairol  but I couldn't find this product back home.  So I ended up buying this:

This kinda worked, I mean.. I had to use it a bunch of times.  I ended up washing my hair like 2 times a day with this. Basically you apply it in your hair as if it were a toner, leave it for about 20 minutes. Be sure that your hair is a little wet before you start, otherwise it will be really hard to apply, also massage your hair through the process or your hair will dry out horribly. Your hair will still feel very dry after your rinse it out but it wasn't that bad, I already knew this would happen because I had previously read that most purple shampoos do that.  So I got the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, I applied this after rinsing out the purple shampoo and waited it 7 minutes.  My hair felt heavenly after that, all the dryness was gone but most of the yellow was still there.  

Later that week I came to NY and walked for what seemed forever to the "closest" Sally I could find.  Here I finally got the Shimmer Lights Shampoo, a bowl, a brush and The Ion Color Brilliance Semi-permanent hair color in Lavender

So I started with the Shimmer lights shampoo and applied to my hair, left it for 20 minutes and rinsed it out.  After that I used the Macadamia Natural Oil, left it for 7 minutes and again.. rinse out.  The next day I repeated this process and most of the yellow was gone.  Next I proceeded to dying my hair lavender.  I used the entire tube because since this color is already pastel you can't delude it with conditioner like people usually do with say.. Manic Panic hair dyes. All you need to do is put the product on a bowl and mix it with just a tiny little bit of water so that the consistency isn't so sticky, trust me you'll know what I am talking about once you get this product.  I didn't have much time that morning so I only left the dye on for 30 minutes but I think I should of left it for about an hour or two.  It only worked on some parts of my hair and but the rest turned a little platinum just like I wanted it.  So overall I did achieved my goal but I kinda want my whole hair to be lavender, more even.  I will do this probably next week so I shall keep you updated on the process.  I hope this helps if you are trying to get this color.  

Here are some links that can really help you out, I mean I probably would of messed up my hair if it weren't for this people:


  • After bleaching your hair, wash it with cold water
  • Do not use any heat, that means no hair drier nor curler or whatever it is that you use
  • Put some Vaseline on your skin to avoid stains all over your face
  • Use an old t-shirt through out the whole process, you don't wanna damage the good ones
  • Also use an old towel or at least a dark color one
  • If you are a perfectionist I think you might wanna change your mind about doing this entire process
  • Be patient.

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