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I am always on the hunt for fashion designers that can take my breath away. This time I was very impressed with Maximiliano Reyes a local guatemalan fashion designer that I would love to share with all of you. I was lucky enough to interview him.

First of all I would like to congratulate Maximiliano on his birthday, which is today. At the age of 23 you have been a great inspiration and I know that a lot of people is very excited about your work, keep it up!

I think that if you are trully interested in the work of a designer there are certain things that you would wanna know about them so let's get to the enterview!

Q. How would you describe yourself as a designer?
A. I am an incredibly free designer, very expressive and anxious with a very simple vision. I love to give and feel happiness. I have changed since the last interview I had by another blog, and it is because my life recently turned 360 degrees, and now I live a plain and happy life.

Q. Which was that moment; the one that made you want to become a designer?
R. When I realized that I truly loved this. It happened when I opened my eyes and realized that there was a world for what I did and in which I thought I could fit in. That what I did since I was a kid, the grown ups called fashion design and styling, that’s when I fell in love with imperfection and I got to know my very unusual and spoiled friend called fashion. It is an inseparable friend that I would love to marry so we can spend the rest of our lives together.

Q. What differences you from other designers?
A. Each of us, the ones who love doing fashion, we do it in a very different way. We all have different inspirations, methods, life styles and ways of learning that differentiates us from one another whenever we do our job. I’m very different from everyone else simply because we are all unique. Everything I do intends to create something that becomes not only a part but also a witness to the most special moments in the life of a woman; and it is not just about selling. 

Q. Do you have design signature?
A. My style is a mixture, I don’t do garments for the rich nor the poor, and for me resources are not necessary to approach a design. I design for special women who know what they want and deserve, women who believe in themselves. My style is to pull the strings of the garments that make the one wearing them happy, and that’s what identifies me. Maximiliano Reyes is an attire for the seductive romantics, the daring conservative and women crazy about living on the edge.

Q. Who do you design for?
A. My esthetic is oriented towards women in the ages of 15 to 40. This woman loves to feel beautiful, enjoys feeling sexy without any shame. She has her own criteria with a personal vision; she is not trying to wear international tendencies that don’t adjust to her silhouette just to fit in in a society that doesn’t appreciate the commodity and self-esteem of today’s woman.

Q. What kind of woman do you picture wearing your designs?
A. I can imagine Sarah Jessica Parker, I think she is one of the sweetest most beautiful fashion icons that we posses. It makes me hallucinate whenever I see the glamour she is capable of transmitting.  Once a person perceives her one can realize that she is not trying to fit in or look spectacular, she just is and that is why I can picture her wearing something of mine someday.    


Q. Which is your biggest inspiration in fashion?
A. My biggest inspiration has always been Alexander McQueen and Elie Saab. The McQueen legacy and the soul of Saab are not easily found. In the case of Alexander many generations will pass and a lot will pretend to be like him but in the end the essence is something that does not repeats itself, and that essence is my inspiration to be myself and dream about creating every day. 

Q. Tell me about your new collection
A. The new collection is composed by many shades of black and a minimalistic high couture silhouette. One of my signatures sequins and lace reappeared, only this time they were transformed into unexpected shapes. For this collection I worked with international artists when It came to the finishes such as jewelry and stitching, details that I had trouble learning before were improved in every level. This way we created a mixed between avant garde and classic. I think it is a different Maximiliano and these time a very happy one, in a phase of maximum comfort.

Q. What was your inspiration and why?
A, Every human being goes through a serious of phases in which he cries, sorrows, learns and smiles. These phases are often called life in hell, which is created sometimes consciously and others unconsciously by ourselves. Unfortunately there are also times where it’s created by our loved ones, who we used to trust. These phases, of course, can be temporary but also eternal. It is but a mixture of feelings such as passion, vulnerability, aggression and anxiety that inspire me. As I was reading Dante’s Divine Comedy I realized that the phases he described were very similar to the ones I had lived and the people that are close to me in my new life. I hooked in my hells with the book based on its phases, transforming elements and situations with colors, textures and silhouettes while growing until I found my maximum comfort. That kind of comfort where you’ll find fulfillment, the pike of life and emotional stability, a level where you’ll feel like you get what you deserve.


Q. Where can we buy your designs?
A. Maximiliano Reyes as a brand is now registered, and will be available at several stores around Guatemala city. We will also be launching our webpage soon. Our t-shirt line can also be found at photographer Manuel Morquecho’s Gallery in Washington D.C. Also people can always communicate directly through our official pages and make an order.

Q. What are your plans for the future? 
A. At the moment we are working on several surprises we are hoping to increase our production in women’s wear and campaign range with Fashion Styling. We do not want to discard the possibility of opening our first store and extend our territory through Guatemala City. 

Maximiliano's fashion show for his new collection will be an invite only event. Also America's Next Top Model winner Naima Mora will be rocking the runway in Maximiliano's designs. 

Maximiliano estará presentando su nueva colección este 10 de Octubre, dicho evento será exclusivamente para aquellos que reciban invitación. Este contará con la presencia de la ganadora de America's Next Top Model: Naima Mora quien desfilará los diseños de Maximiliano Reyes.

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