Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lazy Weather

I've been having a difficult time taking pictures because of the weather, it's been raining all day every day.  It's starting to annoy me.  I really love rain, It usually makes me feel relaxed but it's been more than enough.  So Blogger was a pain in the ass this morning as well, I don't know why but up until now I wasn't able to post anything new... I don't fully understand what happened but anyways here's my post for today.  
I have been wearing this oversize jacket (from Zara) a lot for the past few days, it has a hoodie so that really helps whenever the rain decides to hit.  My dress is from Pull and Bear but I actually got this from a friend that exchanged it for a pair of shoes. Definitely a win win situation.  My bag is also from Pull and bear and it is one of my favorites I think that it looks a little vintage, people often ask me if it's a camera case and I feel that it should be.  It gives a nice touch to the entire look. 

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