Friday, August 31, 2012

Soul meets soul on lovers' lips

Hey guys! I wanted to show two lipsticks I got today at a drugstore.  Lip color is very important to me, I am very pale and my hair is really red so I feel like I can't just wear random lipsticks otherwise I'll look a little crazy.  Anyways I picked this two without even testing them on my skin, decided to be a little spontaneous and careless.

First, I wanna show you this Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor, I got this in the shade Euphoria 360.  


I found this lipstick to be very smooth, not too greasy or matte.  This may sound like a strange thing to point out but it makes my teeth look whiter.  Like I mentioned before, given the fact that my hair is read I can't choose a lipstick on that tone cause it looks like a little too much but these shade is a little toned down spicy color that last for very long.  On the down side my lips felt a little dry which kind of annoyed me. I still would recommend it though, I feel like it would look great on both light and warmer/darker skin.

Now, let's get to the Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick which I got on raspberry 045.

I'm honestly not all that crazy about the color I picked.  On the bright side, it's a good lipstick, sufficient enough to not have 3 lippies. At first application you get a very sheer coverage, but you can build it up by blotting with a tissue and reapplying. The consistency feels like a chapstick and has a pretty gloss over it. Color goes on smooth and even. However, the downside of having such a creamy formula is the effect of having it "slip and slide" if you're to smack your lips together so be sure to blot a little if you want to keep it in place more effectively. It isn't long lasting so I do find myself having to retouch about every hour or two, but at least I don't get that dry feeling on my lips!

So, what do you think about these lipsticks? Would you try them? Or, have you? 

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